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  • Family Dining

    This is the first DAL card I mailed, and I plan on mailing more. I received about 30 calls and 150 new customers from it. It’s given me a great return on my investment– a 20% return, totalling $2,500 in the 6-7 weeks of its lifespan. I’ve tried all direct mail in the last seven years in the restaurant business, and the DAL is a great tool and excellent ROI!

    - Rob Coim

  • Dental

    This product works! It’s worth the investment– people have been responsive to it. We average 15-20 calls the first week it drops. We’ve gotten 81 new patients and $70-80,000 in revenue for the six times we’ve mailed a DAL card.

    - Paul Guerrino

  • Dental

    We have been advertising with DAL cards since September 2008. We get at least 50-100 calls per mailing, with about 45 being new customers. We like the quality of the card for the cost. You really cannot get a better price for the quality of the card they are producing. And the customer service is great.

    - Donna Holehouse

  • Health Club

    I get 2-3 extra calls a day from mailing a DAL card, resulting in 12-20 new customers and $5,000-8,000 in sales. It’s a good price with a great result. I like that my sales rep reminds me when things are due, and the responsiveness of the design team. It’s direct advertising that really works.

    - Rob Krop

  • Bank

    Advertising as a DAL card has definitely gotten the attention of its recipients. Our phones have been ringing off the hook since the cards were sent. Thank you!

    - Kurt Sava

  • Dining

    Currently, this is the only advertising being used– it’s a well-recognized name. We have advertised in the magazine two times, where we average 50 coupons a week. But the DAL card drew the best results for our business. Use the DAL card– it stands out amongst the average mailers.

    - Jennifer Vaupel

  • Fitness

    We’ve run as a DAL card 2-3 times and plan to do so again. We have generated approximately $3,000 per month and had 150 new memberships. I like that it’s one-stop shopping: design, production and mailing are all included. The staff is professional and we receive quality service.

    - Tom Rowe

  • Dental

    We’ve used the DAL card 2-3 times and plan on mailing with it in the future. We received 24 scheduled calls in a three-month period. The postcards are well designed to meet our specifications. DAL postcards are great quality and have great value, and they work well.

    - Sheyda Zahiri

  • Dance Studio

    The DAL card is cost effective for mass mailings. We have gotten an extremely good response– over 100 contacts. We like the professional appearance of it and the wide distribution. It’s great if you want to reach a wide audience in a short span of time.

    - Gabriel Gamboa

  • Home Improvement

    This was the first time we had advertised using the DAL postcard. It generated over $50,000 in business! We absolutely plan to run again– we’ve already scheduled our next postcard! In the 25 years I’ve been Operations Manager, this has been the most successful advertising campaign we’ve ever done. The best thing about it has been the phenomenal results and the ability to target the highest income homes nearest to our business. Give it a try. People see the ostcard outside of the magazine and respond immediately.

    - Michael Owens

  • Fitness

    This DAL card gave us the best results we’ve ever had. We received a lot of new phone calls within the first few day it went out. Our sales rep is the best! This is definitely worth the investment.

    - Matt Mills