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  • Tanning

    We advertise in Westchester and Rockland County, NY, as well as Fairfield, CT. We always get the best response from this magazine—3 times more than anybody else. Nobody comes close! We average 45 coupons per store, per ad, 25% usually from new customers. The best response was close to 70 coupons per store from one ad! The results are very trackable with the coupons. We like the fact that this magazine is well known and read by many. We love the beautiful full color graphics and the long shelf life. It is the best form of advertising in reaching new customers– hands down!

    - Chris Cassanova

  • Family Dining

    We have advertised in this magazine since they came to the Pinecrest/ Kendall area and it is our main source of advertising. Our response from each issue is strong; that’s why we continue to be in every issue. We receive 1200 coupons per month. We definitely like our sales representative; he does whatever he needs to keep me satisfied. We have recommended this magazine to many businesses.

    - Bill Archer

  • Service

    I have advertised with this magazine since August 2008– it has worked better than other advertising I have used. It brings in new clients, and I am happy with the coupon redemption. When I increased my ad to a half page, the response doubled. The magazine has a nice presentation with good distribution. I would recommend it.

    - Chris Boyko

  • Furniture & Accessories

    Since opening my business in 2003 and trying many different forms of advertising, this magazine, without question, has been the medium that first put us on the map! We consistently get 3-4 times our investment. Some small image-conscious business owners aren’t sure this magazine is for them. I would recommend that they call me anytime so that I may educate them on the level of customers that have been brought to my business. In fact, a highly regarded CEO for a local hospital utilized our services through this magazine. He continues to be a loyal customer for our shop to this day and continually asks when we will advertise next in the magazine. As you can tell, I would highly recommend this magazine for any retail location interested in increasing traffic as well as portraying the right image for their business.

    - Lisa Bass

  • Home Improvement

    The regional print program that this magazine offers in our market continually brings us a strong response– good leads and strong sales. We have even received calls months after a book has dropped for large-ticket orders! Our well-known fence and deck business has expanded into other areas of expertise, and this magazine has enabled us to book appointments for these new products. We are planning on renewing again for 2010 and would encourage any high-end company to consider the mass appeal of this publication as a valuable lead source, both in tough economic times and in good times as well.

    - Shari Thiel

  • Family Dining

    We have advertised in this magazine for two years. It has outperformed all other methods of advertising we have done—20% of all our sales come from this magazine. In October of 2008 we ran a front cover announcing that we are now open 24 hours and got an amazing response. This magazine has an amazing readership and the coupons work! You have to try it, it definitely works.

    - Mohammad Ashraf

  • Landscape/Lawn Care

    When we first met with our rep we had already budgeted our yearly ad dollars. We were maxed out and worried about the economy. Our rep gave us a stellar deal to test the magazine. We went in on a hunch and it has paid off in a huge number of calls and sales. It blew away everything else we planned! We are still getting calls weeks after the ad mailed and selling the leads we are getting.

    - Jacob Kaestner

  • Home Decor Services

    I started advertising locally with this magazine two years ago. My representative introduced me to the regional print program and expanded my distribution. The rate per home is very agreeable and I have found it to be a very valuable asset in my advertising portfolio! I look forward to when the magazine hits—it gives us lots of calls even weeks after the book has mailed and it pulls in leads from homes I never thought I would pull from in our market.

    - Andy Waeckerle

  • Fine Dining

    We had 200 coupons redeemed from the Free Entree coupon, a $21.00 value with no strings attached. Very few customers just got the entree and nothing else–we still saw a per person average of $31.50 with two people at a table.

    - Dan Richardson

  • Massage

    This magazine reaches a large number of clientele we are looking for– from location to income level. It’s one of the best direct-mail advertisers. We can tell when it has mailed, because our phone starts ringing more. It is so easy to work with that we really don’t have to do anything but determine what type of coupon to offer. It’s awesome. Keeps advertising on a regular basis for the best return. It is a great company to do business with.

    - Amy Rosendale

  • Day Spa

    This is the best advertising we have done! 90% of our facial customers come from this magazine. We like the results and the good service we get from our rep. You should definitely try this magazine!

    - Nicole

  • Dining

    We started advertising with Clipper in January 2018 and will continue to do so for the rest of the year. It’s head and shoulders above everyone else. We’ve gotten an increase in calls, traffic, new customers and coupon redemption. It’s had a huge, positive impact on sales– a 25% increase. I give this magazine a 15 out of 10 in satisfaction. If you are thinking about doing this, just do it!

    - Robert Pniewski

  • Meat Market

    We have advertised in every issue of this magazine since February 2009. It’s the best option I’ve tried for local marketing. We’re always looking for new customers, and this has been a good investment. It’s still the best deal for my two local Woodstock locations.

    - Tom McDaniel

  • Landscaping

    For us, we reach more people through Clipper, receiving numerous leads with every mailing. It reaches a large quantity of people. Spring is our best season. We do see a return on our investment.

    - Troy Harp

  • Flooring

    We have been advertising with this magazine since March 2010. We generally do well. It allows me to establish local clientele. One week we received 5-7 calls. Give it a try– they are easy to work with.

    - David Lin

  • Dining

    Local Flavor has helped us to grow our business since we started regularly advertising with them in 2012. We doubled the size of our restaurant in 2017. We get more response from this than other companies we have used. Besides the magazine, Local Flavor offers postcards and an App program– it’s one-stop shopping. Our sales rep is helpful in handling our account.

    - Fara Jafeh

  • Family Dining

    We started advertising with Clipper in December 2016. Clipper is by far the best advertising to reach new patrons and grow your business. Even though we had been advertising our business since we opened in 2014, it wasn’t until we started with Clipper that our business grew. In July, our slowest month of the year, we increased our sales by 46% from July 2016 to July 2017 and we were even closed one week during that month! We get new customers every time the magazine mails, which helps us grow our loyal customer fan base. If you want to grow your business, Clipper is the best. They will help you identify your ideal customer and put together an awesome ad campaign—very classy ads that get great customer response. We love the print and digital exposure!

    - Duce Badra

  • Self Storage

    I feel that this magazine is the best! People love it! I get a very good response from it, averaging from 6 to 15 calls. One month, I booked 7 units from 8 calls! It’s very easy to read through, very professionally done, and I love my ad. I highly recommend it.

    - Nancy Francesconi

  • Weight Management

    Our phone has not stopped ringing since our ad in this magazine came out. We had to add two more phone lines and might have to hire another receptionist. The new clients it brought in have been excited to learn that we’re here and about all the amazing services we offer. We can’t wait for our next ad to come out. We had such a good response, we’ve bought another page for our OB/Gyn practice.

    - Dr. Brett Cassidy

  • Chiropractic

    This magazine has become our best source for acquiring new patients. The reach of their distribution is broad but amazingly specific. Another benefit has been the high frequency of their mailings–we’re able to reach certain targets such as seasonal sports injuries, where a quarterly or annual schedule wouldn’t have worked for us. This magazine’s image library is another benefit that makes the advertising layout and design easy.

    - Rhonda Crow

  • Ice Cream

    We would like to thank this magazine for helping us grow our business. The impact it has had on our sales is phenomenal. It has helped us target our customers in a way that we never could before. We feel confident that our current promotion will not be lost in the clutter and noise that is often associated with advertising in newspapers or in television. Unlike other forms of advertising, we are actually able to gauge the results on a daily basis with this magazine. Our customers appreciate that this magazine is delivered right to their door in an attractive, easy-to-use format. Our only regret is that we did not start using this magazine sooner!

    - Jeffrey Popple

  • Tanning

    We love this magazine! Our response has been remarkable and very impressive. On the first day it was out, the outcome was incredible. We averaged 15-20 customers each day of the first weekend! For the next couple of weeks, we continued seeing new and existing customers bringing in the coupons. This magazine has opened the door for Dynamic Tanning! I applaud my sales rep on her efforts proving to me the amazing results a business can receive from this magazine. It has been a valuable resource to my business to help attract new customers. At this point, I see no reason to advertise with anyone else. You would be crazy not to try it!

    - Teresa A. Lynch

  • Dining - Mexican/Spanish

    We receive hundreds and sometimes thousands of coupons from our ads. Our highest grossing weekends occur after the ad arrives in homes. We schedule extra staff to accommodate the additional business we receive whenever we advertise in the magazine. We are amazed that after so many years, this magazine still brings in new customers. Other potential advertisers may definitely call me for a reference.

    - Manuel Torres

  • Dealer/Service

    We began advertising in this magazine in January 2000. We do very well, receiving good responses—usually a 25% increase; however, one time we received a 38% increase. The coverage area is great.We would highly recommend this magazine.

    - Scott Long

  • Steak & Ribs

    There is no comparison to this magazine. I received 39 coupons the first day the book mailed, and the cost was the same. I sold five cases of pork ribs in two days– wow! I ended up redeeming 331 coupons. It’s a high quality publication, and it’s mailed to every person in my county. I like that I have a way to measure response. Just try it once!

    - Troy or Kyle Hogue

  • Asian

    This magazine cares about me and my business. They give me good ideas on how to market my business and I receive a nice response. This magazine focuses more on the local people. Advertising with them is definitely worth it!

    - Art Niwat

  • Landscape

    We have advertised in this magazine since 2005 and have received 5 times the response from this magazine compared to other media. From each ad we place, we usually receive an average of 100 calls for estimates and get 4 jobs totaling $30,000. Our best response to date was when we received over 100 calls and 8 jobs totaling over $100,000––with two weeks left to go! We like that the phone rings off the hook as soon as the magazine mails. This magazine has a very professional graphics department, long shelf life, beautiful color graphics, and higher-income people responding to the ad. This is a great investment for your advertising dollar. It works better than everything else we have tried, with an even better response the second year.

    - Mike Carbillano

  • Mexican Dining

    My parent company suggested that I advertise in this magazine because of the success we have had with them in other markets across the country. After receiving 303 coupons in the first ten days of my first ad, I stopped counting coupons. I know that advertising in this magazine is effective.

    - Derek Delorey

  • Pool/Spa

    We have advertised with this magazine for five years. We get an excellent response. One month we sold 12 spas. We like our sales rep the best. Advertise with them.

    - Dave Tischler

  • Furniture-Patio

    We have advertised in this magazine since July 2003. For the most part, this magazine is consistent and brings in a quality client. From one ad, we had $50,000 in business, about 10 times our investment! We like the demographics, four-color, glossy stock, magazine format, large range of circulation, and great customer service. This is definitely a quality publication; you should absolutely try it.

    - Tom Steinbock

  • Kitchen & Bath

    In advertising with this magazine, we have received ten times the response compared to everyone else we have used. The phones literally ring off the hook every time it mails. We average 20-30 calls per ad—with 6 jobs totalling over $90,000 in business! We love the higher income customers who respond to the ads, the widespread distribution, the quality and the notoriety of the magazine. This magazine is awesome! It is the best form of advertising we have ever used. It definitely helped make our new division a success beyond our own expectations.

    - Warren Heit

  • Landscape & Patio

    Clipper has proven to be a great resource. It provides quality leads with a great return. It is very consistent. You should invest and grow your business.

    - Brandon Stewart

  • Dining

    Clipper is the best. They offer everything– menus, a local magazine, loyalty program and on-line ordering. All of the programs are designed to work together. We have been with Clipper since 2013. We just had our best response from a front cover we did. Their Community Co-op program brings in new customers and allows me to do more marketing. It’s a a first-class company. We have grown our business year after year. If you aren’t advertising with them, you should be.

    - Donna Vickers

  • Home Decór

    We have advertised with this magazine for 15 years. It is our #1 source of advertising, giving us our best response. We see a very good return, especially when we advertise on the front cover. We like the full-color design of our ads. This will bring great exposure to your business.

    - Dianna Baer

  • Pediatrist

    We’ve been advertising in every issue since 2007, and it’s been one of the best forms of advertising we’ve ever tried. We see 8 or more new patients each mailing and it only takes 2 patients to cover our advertising expenses. The magazine format and ad design is professional and the perfect way to reach the public. Everyone should advertise in it!

    - Maxine Rojo

  • Mexican Dining

    We have only tried radio and newspapers in the past, and, in comparison to those, this advertising has blown that away. This was our first time advertising with this magazine and the response has been excellent. The first week after it mailed, we redeemed well over 400 coupons. We like the reach and the value-driven ads. Our sales rep personally promotes our ads around town. If you need to spread the word in a hurry and hit thousands and thousands of households in one swoop, there is no better option.

    - Rick Bastianelli

  • Carpet/Floor

    We have advertised in this magazine for six years and it is our #1 form of advertising. In fact, last year we kept very close records and directly compared this magazine to another very upscale direct mail piece. This magazine out-pulled it 4 to 1; even though the other piece targeted a higher demographic. We like that the ads are well made, circulation is great, and the magazine is a good value for the cost. Also, our sales representative is great. Give it a try.

    - J.J. Kunkler

  • Kitchen Service

    We have advertised with this magazine since 2006. It’s great! We see a much quicker response from it. We really like the images used and especially the articles. They have really helped us to educate our clients and have improved our business. While the dollar amount and call volume vary based on the season, we know immediately when the magazine hits the mail boxes based on the high volume of calls. This last round was tying up 3-5 lines at a time. We highly recommend this magazine and really like the interaction we have with our sales rep.

    - Ramona Neel

  • Dining–Mexican

    This magazine is better than the other advertisers we have used. We get a greater response and more coupons back–nearly 1000 coupons each time we run. We redeemed 900 coupons within a few days when we ran a twopage spread. We like the flexibility this magazine has, and our sales rep, who follows through with what we want. We recommend it– you’ll get a great response for a reasonable cost.

    - Victor Packeco

  • Dining

    I have never received this much response from one single company as from this magazine. For our Grand Opening, we had a full house on Friday and Saturday night because of it. My sales rep makes sure that I’m happy and does all of the work. If you’re not in this magazine, you are missing out on a serious and huge return growing your business.

    - Nate Gay

  • Bar/Grill

    I love the presentation of the magazine—no one else presents my business like it does. This magazine took over the ad design after the first issue and I have loved the results of their art department. I was amazed at the look of my menu with the menu pages edition. We had a large amount of redemption by presenting our menu to our readers. When you present your menu, I believe it is extremely important to have a strong offer to go with the menu. I have enjoyed watching the magazine grow and become a beautiful, classy piece that we know our customers count on receiving.

    - Chris Cellini

  • Home Improvement

    I like the relevant nature of Home & Decor Ideas to my business. With the jumbo postcard inserted into 40,000 magazines, we received 40 responses– .1%. This magazine provides useful client information that drives people to buy. It’s definitely a venue to consider for home improvement-related businesses.

    - Steve Purduski

  • Chinese Restaurant

    This is the second jumbo postcard we’ve mailed. We’ve gotten 35-40 responses from it. We’ve already scheduled the next one. We like that it’s directly mailed to the house, and people will use it. You should definitely try it– we’ve told other restaurants to do so.

    - Mike Chen

  • Pizza

    We received 177 calls in 3 days after the magazine mailed, with 27 new customers. We had to get more pizza dough from the other Vocelli store in order to serve our customers. We like the quality of the card and its visibility. Try it– it’s worth the money.

    - Prevsuren Nyamdorj

  • Pizza

    We received 300-400 calls after our extended postcard mailed. We had 200 new customers and a 40% return– a 20% increase. We like its visibility, durability and overall look. It’s something that gets people’s attention. It is worth the extra expense– we plan on mailing one again.

    - Katie Fooks